OFTY FYI: Announcing Super Storm!

Super Storm coming Fall 2018

For more information, visit the official “Super Storm” webpage by clicking the image

A storm is brewing and it’s sure to be thrilling! Opera for the Young has commissioned a brand new opera for young audiences: librettist Diane Garton Edie and composer Scott Gendel have already begun their work on Super Storm. This original opera showcases individuality and cooperation. Four very different vocalists discover their unique strengths when caught in a super storm. Young choristers play abandoned cats and dogs hiding out in the same cave during the bad weather. A lot happens…
Beginning with Orpheus Returns in 1994, Artistic Director Diane Garton Edie and her various collaborators have created OFTY’s portfolio of 9 famous opera adaptations, resulting in the creation of a unique brand of opera outreach that is a shining example to the worldwide opera community. Each adaptation represents a different era in music history. Super Storm will go even further, showing young people that all opera was not written centuries ago – new works with modern stories are being created right now!