OFtY FYI: Student art to make you smile!

Click to see the student art slideshow!

Click to see the student art slideshow!

Every season, the schools that host Opera for the Young’s annual production are invited to participate in the “Be a Designer!” contest. Teachers are encouraged to help their students create multi-media visual art projects to decorate their classrooms, the school hallways, and the performance space. In addition, many children enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to put on face makeup and costume pieces to wear the day of the show. Our twofold goal is to reach those creative children who may not be as interested in the performance aspect of opera and to drum up excitement for the opera throughout the entire school. Click on the link above to see examples of artwork from the first half of this season’s tour of The Magic Flute!


Ashley Koffarnus, the music teacher at Evans Elementary in Fond du Lac, makes it a community building experience for the whole school: “I have each grade do one art project in music class.  Then I take all of the art projects to create a huge masterpiece within the performance area (our music room).  The students learn that they are helping to create the set for the performance area.  We talk about setting, set, background, scenery building, etc. They really enjoy knowing that they have contributed to the show, even if they are not in the on or off stage chorus.  It brings a huge sense of community to the show!”

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