Creative Kids!

Randall Elementary students perform

Click to watch the video!

Every season Opera for the Young receives thousands of pictures and thank you letters, but a video showing children inspired by OFtY to create art is a rare treat! OFtY staff were thrilled to receive this clip from Randall Elementary in Madison, WI. Click the picture above to watch the students perform original text to Mozart’s music.

Following OFtY’s performance of The Magic Flute, students discussed the importance of articulation and enunciation with their music teacher, Beth Kiser. A third grader from the audience asked: “So the queen of the dark planet was the queen of the moon and it’s made of cheese–so they would all live in cheese.  Right?” The students laughed and came up with the first few lines of the parody as a class. Several students took it with them to recess and came back with the completed parody. Their original words invite you to come to Wisconsin and try our cheese!

Meet the Queen!

Rehearsal week is here, and 15 artists from around the country have come to Madison and are rehearsing OFtY’s The Magic Flute- the 2015/16 tour begins THIS FRIDAY! With lighthearted stage direction from Diane Garton Edie and music direction from renowned conductor Clinton Smith, this show is going to be a cosmic event!

Click to watch the video!

Click to watch the video!

On the eve of the first rehearsal, we interviewed one of our three Queens of the Night, OFtY soprano Gillian Hollis (Beauty, 2014/15 Season). Gillian shared lots of fun stories and tour moments, but most importantly, she let us know how important OFtY is to everyone involved, including the artists! Listen to the interview to learn more about Gillian, Opera for the Young, and why she’s back for a second tour. The students we reach aren’t the only ones excited to see how Opera for the Young adaptations are created!